We provide early childhood therapeutic intervention to young children with disabilities to help them improving their functional independence. Every Monday, parents come at the center to acquire skills from our rehabilitation professionals (Occupational therapists and Physiotherapists) during a therapeutic/exercise session. The core guiding principle is to empower parents with basic skills that enables parents to provide nurturing care to their children at home. For example, many children we receive, have challenges with positioning and the role of our therapists in to demonstrate to the parents how to position the child properly, or how to feed the child properly etc. These skills are very important to parents in order to include children in family life. Currently we have 19 children with the majority below the age of 6 years old who attend therapeutic intervention services once a week together with their parents. Parents learn how to support at home and also share their experience one another to support mutually. Our therapists from the center conduct home visits to see how parents are practicing what they have learned from the center and offer guidance and support as needed. Family visits have been very essential to help understanding the home environment of the child and be able to support in effective way, but also to help in identifying community barriers that needs to be addressed for community based inclusive development. We have noticed a dramatic change in quality of life of many children from our community due to therapeutic intervention services. You wish to read our success story please find out on this page.