We work to empower parents and the local community with knowledge, skills and information on the rights of children with disabilities. Currently, one parents group exists in the community. The purpose of this self-help group id to build strong community network on parents who can support each other and try to find solutions for their common problems. The group met weekly and discuss the development of the members. This include the saving scheme for affording health insurance. Twelve members of the group have been supported to initiate an income generating project and they are currently doing sewing and knitting to be able to afford the basic financial needs for their households. As part of community empowerment, we work with community based service providers to promote the delivery of inclusive and accessible services to all users. For example in 2019, an accessibility audit was conducted in collaboration with the head teachers and local leaders in the community. In this exercise, schools had elaborated an action plan to improve the accessibility of their services. Each year, we conduct an open day to the general community public including parents, children, local leaders, service providers and other community based structures, with an objective to address attitudinal barriers and stereotypes associated with childhood disability. By doing this, community members get informed on what cause disability and the rights of children with disability in a family and community settings. Community events have played a key role in raising awareness about the right of children with disability but also information platform for parents.